The Best of Lawrence Krauss?

This is a video posted on Google + showing some highlights of Lawrence Krauss. For those who aren’t familiar with him, he’s a physics professor at Arizona State University. For more information about him, access his ASU profile here

Watch the video here

While watching the video, I think it’s important to think about the points below.

He states all we are is “star stuff.” Then he talks about the concept of “poetic”. What is “poetic” in Krauss’ world? Is “poetic” made of star stuff?

He’s come here to praise honesty, full disclosure, etc. Why should honesty and full disclosure be praised if we are just star stuff? How are atoms of star stuff acting on way “better” than atoms of star stuff acting a different way?

He talks about ethics in science. Why should there be ethics in science? How is one action from a bag of star stuff molecules ethical and another not?

Krauss says, “Things that are inconceivable happen all the time.”
Miracles are not an issue to Krauss.

“Vile, awful, works of the bible.” What are these? How is any action of a bag of starstuff vile, or awful? We are just atoms of star stuff in motion.

“We cast out certainty in the matters of morality”
“Women are equal to men and we don’t hate gays.”
These behaviors are good and consistent with Mark 12:31. However, with no moral certainty, then rape and pedophilia are not wrong. Remember, there is no moral certainty. Krauss just grabbed behaviors that showed his position in the best light.

Science can make things more beautiful because we understand how things are made. But what is beauty in Krauss’ worldview? Simply chemical reactions within the brain. How does science make it more “beautiful”? Does more beautiful mean “stronger chemical reactions?

Dr. Krauss states his worldview, mainly that we are all just star-stuff. But he can’t stay within that worldview. He consistently talks about poetry, art, beauty, ethics, and morality. Like all unbelievers, he shows he knows the truth about God because of this. He borrows from the Christian worldview to have the tools he needs to criticize Christianity and God. Another example of Romans 1 in action.


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